Header Bidding
Brand Protection

Ad networks are failing to protect publishers and their customers from malicious advertising. Our patent pending technology protects your brand by blocking unwanted ads served through header bidding platforms.
Early Access Program

Real-time Protection

Peace of Mind
Rest easy knowing that your website, brand, and visitors are protected.
Automatic Redirect Ads
Stop redirect ads in their tracks. We'll identify and block these malicious ads.
Don't allow audio ads on your website? We'll help you track down and block them.
Forced Scrolling
Ads can forcibly scroll your website. Our platform detects and blocks this nuisance.
60 Seconds
That's all the time needed to block unwanted ads, regardless of which ad network places the bid.
Reporting & Insights
Analytics make it easy to see what has been blocked and which networks are the source of issues.

Early Access Program

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